MasterChef Season 4 Premiere

So, I am a huge fan of the show Masterchef! This year I was actually able to sit down and watch the season premiere live on the TV for a change.   In the past it seems I’ve always been too busy to catch it, but I decided since I love the show that I’m going to go ahead and watch each episode and blog about it for fun.   I’ll be posting highlights and the picks for my favorites for the show.  The show airs every Wednesday at 8pm, so mark your calendars! (spoilers below)

masterchef season 4


MasterChef Highlights:

This season of MasterChef looks to be very exciting. The first mystery box ingredients included chocolate, a tomato, a potato, and bacon.  A lot of contestants went the breakfast route with this one.  I did see that many contestants completely avoided the chocolate without any penalty from the judges. Aren’t they supposed to get  scolded for that? Many contestants created a Frittata dish- which makes you question really how good of a chef they are.  I mean, isn’t a Frittata like cooking 101? The winner of this challenge was Natasha.  Natasha got to pick the main meat for the next challenge. She chose between the expensive ingredients Veal Chops, Langoustine, and Aged Blue Cheese; she chose the Langoustine.

Of course they always try to create drama by putting contestants against each other.  This season it seems to be starting with Natasha vs. Krissi.  The two final dishes for these two were a Lemon Tart (Natasha) and a Macaroni and Cheese with Langoustine (Krissi). I’m a definite Mac and Cheese fan, but I don’t know what Krissi was thinking with that one.  Natasha’s dish however came out lovely and scrumptious.  She’s clearly an early favorite for me, because she seems to know her way around the baking department.  Other highlights of the episode are anytime Gordon Ramsey furrows his brow.  In the first challenge, one dish that was made had the consistency of dirt.  There was this one guy (who shall remain nameless because I must have blocked him out from my memory), who actually made chocolate mashed potatoes.  As in, chocolate mixed with mashed potatoes.  This guy is off to a great start.

Another contestant to look out for is the one dude with the baseball hat who made a salad which only took up half the plate, while the other half of the plate was a sliced lemon? Is that even an entree?

Also enjoyable during this episode were the close up shots of this beast:


I am a langoustine, I will eat you!!!!!!!!


and this beast………………….

I love you Gordon!!!!!!!!!

I love you Gordon!!!!!!!!!


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Langoustine info  Did you know Langoustine originate from Norway?


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