My Fav Finnish Breads and Pastries

In Finland, bread is a very important staple of the daily diet, often served with every meal.  Rye bread with butter (Oleo) is a longstanding tradition, served as a side dish with meat or fish dishes, and breads and pastries are a staple of the daily diet typically for breakfast or desserts.  The typical Finnish home will have a variety of different breads or pastries available.  When a special occasion is in order, or if there is a guest visiting, you can expect a Finnish household to go over and above preparing sweets, tarts, breads and puddings, which are to be served during the guest’s stay.

rye bread


rye bread


My favorite traditional Finnish sweets are Nisu Bread (Nissua), Finnish Cinnamon rolls (Korvapuusti), and Rice Pudding (Riisipuuro).

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