Nish Nush Restaurant Review

So it’s almost Memorial day weekend! Who can even believe it? Just the fact that it’s almost June is freaking me out!  With the summertime weather that is hitting New York, it’s been making me crave fresher foods with crisp and cool flavors.  Today for lunch I decided to try out a new place which has opened in my office neighborhood, it’s called Nish Nush.  It has Mediterranean style food such as pitas, hummus, Israeli Salad, and all the fixins’ that go along with it.  In New York, there are Greek places everywhere, I’ve been to so many while living here  However, it’s hard to find those “hip” Greek places that aren’t just a hole in the wall.  Nish Nush is located on the corner of Church and Reade Street, and recently opened around 1 month ago.

When walking into Nish Nush, you see that the staff members wear hipster hats.  You are greeted promptly by a young guy who is giving out samples of this frozen lemonande drink. What’s not to love?

Nish Nush proved to be a delicious  lunch.  I got the Simply Chickpea Sandwich with the Lemonana slushy drink. The sandwich is technically not a sandwich at all- but a PITA, which had hummus, tabouli, and fresh Israeli salad inside, along with some delicious Greek dressing.  The order came with a side of olives as well, which i quickly threw out, not an olive fan sorry! The pita was divine and was everything I was looking for in a lunch. Fresh flavors, filling, healthy, and had hummus and vegetables, which were well sliced and perfectly flavored. The Lemonana slushie, was a frozen lemonade and mint drink which was tasty and delicious! Best of all, it was frozen, making it perfect for a hot day like today.  After looking online, I realized that the frozen lemonande and mint drink is not a “new invention”, but is common in Mediterranean fare.  Why then, have I never tasted something like this before? They should have this everywhere! It’s soooooo good!

The next time I’m near a blender (let’s hope that wedding registry comes through lol), I plan to whip up my own version of a Lemonana slushie.  I think the Lemonana could be enhanced by adding a few frozen raspberries.

Chickpea Pita

Chickpea Pita

nish nush menu

Here is a recipe I found online for making your own Lemonana.

Nish Nush Menu

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