The Finnish Grilli

Though not quite the highlight of my adventure in Finland, the Finnish Grilli is definitely a hot spot in central Helsinki.  And by a hot spot, I mean that the Grilli is really the only thing open for those exiting the bars at around 4am and heading home.  Trying to satisfy your craving for grilled sausage, crispy french fries, or a cheese dog? Then you should definitely head over to the Finnish Grilli. The Grilli is also a hangout for drunk teens waiting for their bus at the Central Railway Station, to take them home so they can “sleep it off”.

I was thinking of the Grilli yesterday, because it is getting to be spring here in New York, and many more people are hitting the bars and clubs in the city.  It’s common for American young people to go out to a diner or a fast food restaurant after they visit the bar or club, mostly as a way to extend the night for several more hours, and also just to eat some food and enjoy the company of their friends. This practice got me thinking about the Finnish Grilli.

The Grilli is similar to the American version of the “hot dog stand”, or the “Halal Cart” (if you’ve been to New York)- but it has one unique distinction- It’s open when you need it the most!  When all the other restaurants and stores are closed in Helsinki, THE GRILLI IS OPEN! What’s even funnier about The Grilli is that Finns will literally line up or “queue” while waiting for their order to be taken at the Grilli, and they will wait as long as it takes, and in whatever temperature, because like I said before, the Grilli is one of the only sources of food in the city after 3am.

So if all of these things appeal to you, definitely head to the club and dance the night away, then head to the Grilli for a smoked sausage dog.


Also found this article about the Grilli online.


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