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When looking for a good Thai takeout place in Brooklyn, it can be a very daunting dilemma.  Edible Thai places are just hard to find, especially those in close proximity to Bay Ridge, which also offer takeout.  After reading online and looking at several really awful reviews for Thai places in Bay Ridge, I was very discouraged to say the least.  There’s nothing worse than a soggy Thai salad on a hot day, or even worse than that- a dish with under cooked chicken or under-seasoned curry.  After looking at these non-glowing reviews, I did stumble across a review which was actually praising a Thai restaurant! So we decided to stop in and see if the reviews were true or not.  The place: Top Thai.  Top Thai is located on 86th Street and 4th Avenue off of the R train in Bay Ridge.  We had actually walked by this place several times before stopping in.

Being too lazy to cook, and being one of the hottest days so far in New York (there’s nothing worse than cooking on a hot day)- takeout was an excellent option!  The dishes we ordered were the Thai Spring Salad, The Beef Panang Curry  and the Chicken Massaman Curry (one of my personal favorite Thai dishes). The menu prices were reasonable for New York- the Thai Salad was under $5 and the entrees were $8.95 each.  Being takeout, I didn’t really have high expectations for the food, but I was actually pleasantly surprised!


Chicken Massaman Curry

The Thai Salad had a delicious peanut dressing, which was also kind of spicy, and it was topped with fresh veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, and also included tofu which was a nice addition.  The Beef Panang Curry was well seasoned and spicy with tender beef and other veggies like carrots.  The sauce was a wonderful curry and was thick and delicious.  There is nothing worse than a watery curry sauce, and this was NOT that. The Chicken Massaman Curry was a pleasant surprise.  I was only introduced to this dish about a year ago, but since then it is a FAVORITE of mine, and always order it when I get Thai Food.  Massaman Curry Traditionally includes coconut milk,  peanuts or cashews, potatoes, cinnamon, star anise, palm sugar, fish sauce, chili and tamarind sauce. This dish also included onions which I love, so I definitely didn’t complain about that!  The potatoes in the dish were tender and well-cooked, the chicken was infused with flavor, and the Massaman sauce was perfectly flavored and had a great texture.  It literally melted in my mouth with each bite. Yum. Both dishes came with a side of rice.  I don’t know what the traditions of Thai food are, but I usually just dump the rice in the main dish and eat everything together, which seems to go very well.  In my limited experience, eating the rice with the spicy dish definitely cuts the spice down.  I do confess though that Massaman curry is not the spiciest of dishes, and rather has a more “warm and soothing” spice to it. It does not contain the hot Thai peppers, which are bound to burn your tongue off.

What can I say, maybe I was just really hungry last night, or the Thai was just really good.  I think the Thai was just really good.  I’m actually looking to expand my cooking repertoire in the near future and post some Thai dishes.  I’ve never cooked Thai food before but I’m really eager to learn! Stay tuned.

Make your own Massaman Curry

Top Thai Brooklyn

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