Fukurou Restaurant Review

This past weekend was my Bachelorette party with two of my good friends. I had the experience of dining at a small modern Japanese restaurant called “Fukurou” (pretty funny name right!)  Fukurou is located in the West Village on MacDougal and Bleecker Street. When walking in to Fukurou, you are greeted with an all-wood decor.  The walls are wood, the benches and tables are all wood as well.  Talk about a minimalist approach- there isn’t a hint of color in this place.  The restaurant is quite small, only around 8 tables and a sushi bar were available for seating. Being it was a Saturday night, the place was packed and there wasn’t a free space available.

When looking at the menu, you also notice that there is a drink minimum, which we didn’t mind because we were planning on getting some Sake anyway, but I can see how this would be a problem for other diners.  I personally don’t think it’s fair to “force people” to buy a drink in your establishment.  If guests don’t want a drink they shouldn’t have to buy one!  We did end up ordering some hot Sake, which came served in a nice carafe with some ceramic glasses. The service at this restaurant was also a little lacking.  We waited a very long time to get any service, and when we were greeted the waitress was not very friendly.  One of my friends is a vegan, and when she asked about vegan menu options, the waitress seemed confused and didn’t offer very much knowledge on the subject.  My vegan friend was compelled to order the plainest dish on the menu because there obviously wasn’t anything else available.  I was not impressed with this.

For my dish I ordered the Salmon Rolls with Salmon Roe on top, which came with six well constructed  pieces of sushi, with a cream sauce on top, as well as Salmon Roe. The Sushi rolls were very good, and the salmon was fresh and consistent in each roll.  I found the cream sauce on the top of the dish to be a little bit of an overkill, and it really cut into what should have been a clean piece of sushi.  The Salmon roe on the top was very delicious though. The dish did look amazing, and was colorful on the plate.  It came with ginger and wasabi on the side, as well as soy sauce.

salmon rolls







My other friend ordered the Grilled Pork Marinated with Miso.  His dish looked to be very good, although I didn’t taste it so I can’t be sure. The pork looked tender and flavorful from afar! I did think the prices for the dishes were very fair, in terms of some higher-end places in the city I’ve been to. I think this restaurant would be a good option for lunch as well.

pork with miso

Overall after visiting this restaurant I might dine here again if I was in the area, however there are many other Japanese restaurants in the city that serve sushi that I enjoy a lot more.

 Fukurou Menu

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