Happy National Donut Day

Happy National Donut Day! As an avid baker and eater of yummy foods, you’d probably expect that donuts would be one of my favorite foods right? Well, you’d be mistaken. However I hear they are giving out free donuts at Dunkin Donuts today, so I might have to run by there.









I do have a history of eating donuts, I remember being a little girl and my mom and dad would take me to Winchell’s donuts in Tempe (don’t even think it exists anymore?), every Saturday.  We’d get the car washed, run some errands etc., and get some donuts.  So I imagine I used to love them! As a grew up I guess I just started liking other baked goods more?  I really enjoy a nice pastry or a muffin.  I love croissants.  I enjoy a nice slice of cake and Ice cream.  Donuts, eh…….not one of my favorites.  I remember when Krispy Kreme opened its first flagship store in Tempe and there were people lined up around the corner for a whole week, waiting in line for their box of donuts. I did actually enjoy some donuts when I lived in Boston a few years back.  The Boston Creme Donut is definitely appealing, it’s more like a pastry, with the creamy filling.  So indeed, there may be at least one type of Donut I like.

American style Donuts don’t really exist in Finland.  I don’t think I ever saw a real Donut there!  The Finns do have their own kind of donuts called Munkki, which are served on May 1st (Vappu). Munkki are deep fried donuts with cardamon in them.  Cardamom is also used in Finnish Pulla, and in many other Finnish desserts. Munkki is a tradition every Vappu in Finland, and you’ll see them around everywhere- from cafes and stores, to stands on street corners. I’ve never made my own Munkki before, but if I ever get the urge to fry up some dough I’ll definitely post a recipe! Here is recipe for Munkki I found online.

I’ve been thinking a lot about getting a Donut tin and making some baked donuts.  Those seem to be a little healthier than the fried variety! But who in their right mind is thinking about health when thinking about donuts? That sounds crazy right?

I did find this recipe for baked donuts, which looks divine!

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  1. John


    There is a chain of dough nuts in Finland called Arnald’s Doughnuts. They do a reasonable job of offering yeast based doughnuts. So American style do exist in Finland.

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