MasterChef Season 4 Episode 11 and 12 Recaps

It’s time for another exciting recap of the best show on television: MASTERCHEF! Ready for some spoilers? I know you are!

Episode 11:

Mystery Box Challenge:

For the Mystery Box Challenge, the contestants have 90 minutes to cook up a Pigs Head.

pigs head

Oink oink

Yes. A Pigs Head. Joe says “this is no longer home cooking, this is professional cooking.”

Main parts of the pig are: Tongue, ears, cheek, and snout. Yes, this is all very appetizing I know!

Brie the vegetarian is “out of her comfort zone” says Ramsay, she is doing a farmers breakfast – sounds good.  Jonny is doing a tongue and cheek taco, Gordon says its delicious on first tasting. Go Jonny (finally)!  Also, many people are making tacos, or some other southwestern inspired dishes.  Didn’t realize the piggy was Mexican! It looks like everyone is elevating their game for this challenge.

The top three are Lynn, with a red wine braised cheek, and Asian seasoned tongue, to which Graham says ” This is the first time you have seasoned with assertiveness, great job.” Joe asks: “Is it a $24 appetizer or a $36 entree? That says a lot.

Jesse makes a braised cheek and ear with black eyed peas and roasted corn, to which Graham exclaims, “Explodes with flavor”, and Gordon says: “You’re like Georgia meets Mexico”.  And then there’s Jonny, with a pig tongue and cheek taco with tomato jam. Joe clearly enjoys the taco.  “Mmmmm (prolonged). This dish is just really good!” Mmmmmm…. Joe fell in love with the taco.

Joe loves tacos

Graham says, “I was praying you wouldn’t do some pig-faced maple cotton candy, but that’s awesome.”

And the winner is… Lynn.

Elimination Challenge:

Judges announce there will be a special guest to tell us elimination theme. Welcome last year MasterChef  winner Christine Ha. “Recipes from my home kitchen, Asian and American comfort food” is her new book.  For this challenge, they need to choose from her 3 fab ingredients: chicken, catfish, and Dungeness crab. 1 person has to cook with 1 ingredient, the rest the other. Lynn chooses Krissi to be singled out, making her cook with catfish. No catfish in south Philly! The rest will cook with… Everyone runs into the pantry to find out. Krissi is pissed. “You just fucked with the wrong girl”. Everyone else is cooking crab.

Christine has a surprise announcement and says “open your drawers – you are going to be cooking without sight!” Blindfolds! Everyone is blindfolded, for this 60 min challenge.  The contestants look like complete fish out of water. This is completely ridiculous. Luca is trying to stab a live crab… Ok it’s a joke. Take off blindfolds. (Thank goodness because I was worried Luca would stab himself or something)

Christine will be guest judging this challenge. First dish is Krissi’s Fried catfish with bacon and cheddar mashed potatoes, with a side of Asparagus.  Graham says “tastes too fishy, like a 6.99 blue plate special”.  Joe thinks it “tastes like mud”.  Joe’s looking really really mad.  “Krissi, you are wasting my time”, he says as he spits out her food.

Krissi storms off, mumbling to herself under her breath, to which Joe says “If you want to talk behind my back, have the balls to say it right here in front of me!”


Props for Natasha’s dish, it is well received by judges. James dish with creole seasoning is one of Gordon’s faves. Beth’s dish gets spit out by Joe, “the crab is completely raw! It’s disgusting and it ruins my palate.”  Graham says: “It’s more of a crab pancake than a crab cake.”

Krissi continues to gloat in between every contestant.  Luca is then called out by all the judges for his poorly-executed risotto.  It’s too salty, too runny, and doesn’t reflect the finesse of his previous challenges.  Joe looks so angry that his head might explode, or that he might punch Luca in the face because he’s sooooooo mad!

Also, Luca has used Fish Sauce in his risotto, to which Joe says “Fish sauce in a risotto? I think all of Italy will weep a little bit over this.”

Bottom three are Luca, Beth, and Krissi.  Ultimately Beth gets the boot, for her raw and poorly seasoned crab cake. BYE BETH.

Episode 12:

Wedding Reception Challenge:

The contestants will be cooking the main entree for a Wedding reception, for couple Anya and Erin.  The reception will have over 100 guests, including 15 vegetarians.  The bride pulls out a list of ingredients which she doesn’t want in the food, which is pretty much everything.  The other parts of the reception dinner will be the Appetizer, cooked by Graham- which is a Spring Pea Essence with a Lavender Infusion.  Gordon Ramsay will be cooking dessert, which is a Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream and a Caramel Sauce. The contestants will need to formulate the main course, to compete on the same level as Gordon and Graham’s dishes, which look AMAZING!

Two contestants are chosen to not compete in this challenge: Bri (from blue team) and Krissi ( from red team), who are now automatically safe for another week.

The Red team, led by Natasha, will be cooking a Halibut dish with Carrots.   The Blue Team, led by James, will be cooking Lamb.  Natasha completely loses her cool in this challenge, she burns an entire pan full of carrots.  James is also completely out of his element, along with Lynn and Jonny.  Lynn is sweating profusely all over the food- pretty gross.  Someone please get that guy a sweatband for his head?!  James and Jonny appear to not know how to plate anything, and the blue team is severely behind.  After all the red team’s dishes have gone out, the blue team hasn’t sent out virtually any food!

After enjoying their food, the bride and groom pick the Red Team as the winner! The judges then pick three people to be safe from the pressure test from the blue team: Jessi, Luca, and James (who should have been forced to compete, as he was the team leader, in my opinion).

So there are only two people competing in the pressure test, which Graham calls a “Culinary cage fight”.  Lynn and Jonny must fight to the death!

Macaroon Madness:


Jonny and Lynn must make 12 perfectly sized Macaroons in at least 2 flavors, in order to fit them in a particular box.  They start the challenge well, proving they both know the way to make Macaroons, but Jonny does confess that it’s one of the most difficult baked items to get right.  Jonny goes with a peanut butter and jelly themed box of Macaroons, attempting to get points for creativity.  Lynn decides to make a Rasberry Mascarpone Macaroon, with an actual Raspberry in the center, which is pretty weird. I thought only Muffins had berries in them. Lynn is unable to fit all 12 Macaroons in the box, so he leaves 2 o the top of the box as he ends the challenge.  Jonny’s Macaroons also come out overly-large and clunky and don’t fit in the box. Oh no! What will he do?  In a fit of rage he slams the box shut as the challenge ends. Classy.

The judges chastise Jonny for his Raspberry center Macaroons, but they also praise him for “their sweet delicacy” and presentation.  They do look delicious!  They open Jonny’s box to find that all the Macaroons are smashed to smithereens, crumbling all over.  This doesn’t look good.  After deliberation, Jonny is sent home. I guess this lumberjack couldn’t contain his temper. BYE JONNY.

I can’t wait to see what happens next on MasterChef!

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See this recipe for French Chocolate Macaroons. Yummy!

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