MasterChef Season 4 – Episode 5 and 6 Recaps



Episode 5

This episode of MasterChef started out with the first challenge.  The contestants had to cook a school lunch for 300 hungry kids. They were divided into two teams, the red team and the blue team. They had to make a healthy and well rounded lunch, which had to include a protein, a starch, a vegetable, and a fruit.

The read team, led by Jessie would be cooking Chicken Teriyaki and rice with corn, and a strawberry crumble for dessert.  The blue team, led by Jordan, cooked Spaghetti and meatballs, with green beans, and a peach cobbler dessert. Trying to cook that many meatballs for that many kids, ultimately not a good idea.   The teams started cooking up their dishes and before they knew it there was a herd of hungry kids attacking their stations.  Following the lunch service, the kids had to vote for the best team.  They chose Jessie’s team with their Chicken Teriyaki dish.  The blue team then has to compete in an elimination challenge.  Before competing, the judges announce that Jordan can save three people, so he saves James and Howard, and then himself.  Krissi calls this “a bitch move” and says that he’s like the captain abandoning his ship! Drama ensues.  Jordan brushes her off and takes his place in the viewing area.


For the first challenge, the team needs to cook up a cheesecake. The highlights were Krissi’s cheesecake, which was flat and also looked like it had big poop balls on the top (don’t know why the judges gave her so much praise for that one!), and Savannah’s cheesecake which was chastised for its too thick crust and glaringly sweet topping.  Savannah cried and cried as she tried to save herself, which was entertaining. The girl from the Bronx who always wears neon actually came out with a great cheesecake which was well cooked, and had a blueberry and blackberry compote topping. Yum Yum! Unfortunately it’s Adriana who is sent packing, for her use of a canned Guava paste on the top of her tropical inspired cheescake. YUCKO.  Bye bye Adriana, though your makeup and hair were always perfectly done and you always looked cute, unfortunately that didn’t help you in the kitchen.


Episode 6

In the next part, the chefs are challenged with the mystery box and it’s announced that a guest judge will be cooking alongside them. After much suspense it’s announced it’s actually Gordon Ramsay!!!!! Which, why the heck not give Gordon more time to show off his skills, I mean it’s his show after all! Mystery box ingredients include black cod, sesame seeds, baby beets, Shitake mushrooms, Miso, rice wine vinegar, and soy sauce.  YES! I was hoping for an Asian-inspired mystery box, and by golly I got it! Gordon decides to sip tea and twiddle his thumbs for the first 30 minutes of the mystery box, like a true pro- proving he doesn’t need the whole time to be the best one there. Oh Gordon, watching you chop scallions makes a girl’s heart go pitter patter.

gordon ramsay

After cooking, it’s brought to everyone’s attention that Howard has served raw fish on his dish. Well-played, Howard, well-played.  His dish is promptly shoved in the trash. The contestants who shine in this challenge are Luca, Beth, and James. Ultimately Luca wins with his wonderfully complex Asian sauce, getting glowing reviews from the judges, especially Joe Bastianich.


Elimination challenge: Cupcakes

The elimination challenge is a BAKING BATTLE! Luca decides cupcakes as the dessert for everyone, and it’s also announced that he gets to take away someone’s electric mixer. This unlucky individual is Jordan. Oh karma.

After an intense session of cupcake baking, Bethy’s, Jordan’s, and Bime’s cupcakes get awesome reviews from the judges. Jordan proves you don’t need a mixer after all!  Bethy’s cupcakes looked so amazing I wanted to jump up and lick my TV. The bottom three in this challenge are Jessie- who sadly didn’t get any props for her mini-cupcakes (which I actually thought were kind of cute)- but they did look very small, especially next to the large thumbs of Graham Elliot in the close-up shots. LOL. Also, the Bronx girl’s frosting on her cupcakes, comes out looking like a little kid had tried to frost them.  Sad.  Also, when she’s pleading not to go home you can see her crying and slobbering all over the place. Ultimately, the loser in the challenge is Malcolm, whose cupcakes were eggy and not cooked at the right temperature.  He’s sent home. You just can’t get away with not knowing how to bake on this show!

Looking forward to next weeks episode………………..




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