MasterChef Season 4 – Episode 7 and 8 recaps

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It’s time for another exciting recap of MasterChef!  The episode started off at the beautiful Pasadena City Hall, where is was announced that the contestants would be cooking for 101 off-duty firefighters.  The were assigned to cook a 10 ounce New York strip steak from Walmart.  Let me tell you, the steaks looked delicious! The contestants were divided into two teams, the red team and the blue team.  Their meal also had to include 2 side dishes, and they had to choose from among carrots, bell peppers, Zucchini, Mushrooms, and Asparagus.  They also have to come up with a sauce to use with their dish. They had 1.5 hours to complete this challenge.  The team captains were Bethy (Blue team), and Bime (Red team).  For Bethy’s team she chooses Lynn, Jessie, James, Howard, Johnny, Savannah, and is also allowed to switch one team member from the red team, where she chooses Krissy. For the blue team’s dish, they decide on Potatoes and red peppers, and are torn between choosing a Balsamic reduction sauce or Chimichurri sauce. Gordon: “You can’t choose between two sauces? You can’t make a decision?” DOH.  (Ultimately they choose the Chimichurri sauce)

For Bime’s team (Red Team), he selects Joel, Eddie, Luca, Natasha, Brie, Beth, and Bronx girl Kathy.  They make Sautéed mushrooms, a cauliflower purée, and a reduction sauce. They start cooking up their dishes and Gordon swings by to check on them, only to realize that they aren’t using a rub on their steak. WHO DOES NOT USE A RUB ON THEIR STEAK????? Gordon frowns with disdain. It comes down to around 5 minutes left and not all their steaks are seared.  They better get their act together!

As the two teams rush to prepare their dishes, the firefighters are on the way. They arrive, and all the sudden the servers are lining up and they begin to serve the crowd.  As they are plating the dishes the blue team is clearly more on top of things with getting their food out. Joe comes over and says “Red team, you better move your ass! Start plating!”

While they are enjoying their food, Beth starts a fight with Natasha by saying that her idea for Cauliflower purée is “disgusting”.  Natasha yells back and a small catfight ensues. Beth is crying and sobbing and Natasha storms off in defense of her purée.  Krissy chimes in, telling everyone to calm the heck down! Finally after much drama, the firefighters begin rating their steaks. In the end, the blue team wins with their Steak and Chimichurri sauce.

Pressure test: Breakfast
The red team begins to line up for the pressure test.  It’s announced that clearly the whole team hates Bime and says he wasn’t a good leader. Joe announces Bime (“bimmy”???)  is not going to be participating , and that he can choose another teammate, he chooses Jordan. And it’s at this part we realize no one can say Bime’s name right.

For the pressure test they’ll be cooking Eggs Benedict! Eggs benedict consists of a perfectly poached egg on a slice of grilled Canadian Bacon on top of a buttered English muffin, topped with Hollandaise sauce.  All the contestants have the same amount of ingredients, only enough for one serving of Eggs Benedict. During this part, Krissy screws up her Hollandaise sauce and has to start over. Many of the contestants appear to fail during this challenge. Luca severely undercooks his poached egg, and Natasha adds too much vinegar to her Hollandaise and ends up with something more like Mayonnaise, to which Joe scowls and makes a “poo” face.

joe frowning

Mayonnaise is only for bologna and cheese sandwiches!

The best dishes are Krissy and Bri. The worst dishes, are the rest.  Gordon comes out to announce that ALL 4 CHEFS ARE LEAVING THE KITCHEN???? COULD IT BE???

(of course not lol)

There’s another challenge! The contestants go to Las Vegas and will be cooking in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant BURGR (which looks amazing by the way, and I’m totally going there the next time I’m in Vegas).

Las Vegas BURGR Challenge:

The chefs will be running the kitchen for one evening, and serving all the guests burgers, including some VIP’s. Beth and Natasha are teamed up, as well as Luca and Kathy. Luca and Kathy design a burger with carmelized onions and Arugula (can you say booooooring?), and Natasha and Beth design a Hangover burger of Gouda, Arugula, Burger and Egg?. ….. (can you say meatloaf?).  Neither of the burgers were really unique or all that original, in my opinion. They should have thrown some mushrooms or salsa on there! Highlights include Beth burning her buns, WHO BURNS BUNS?, and  Luca sending out multiple raw burgers. Well played Luca, well played. Gordon: “It’s still moving!!!! It’s raw!!!!!”

"the cow is still moooooooing!"

“the cow is still moooooooing!”

Then the VIP’s arrive, who are actually just the other contestants! Come on, I was expecting Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at least. Everyone votes on who has the best burger, and the winners (or rather, the non-losers), are Beth and Natasha.

Butter Poached Lobster Elimination Challenge:

To finish off this 2 hour long episode of MasterChef, Luca and Kathy compete in a duel to the death where they cook Butter poached lobster, one of the most difficult dishes for any fine chef. Two contestants with so much heart competing against each other, I almost felt a tear in the corner of my eye!

Kathy has never cooked lobster before, and doesn’t start cooking the lobster until the challenge is almost over. Luca makes a misstep with the preparation of his lobster, by chopping off its entire tail and missing out on all that tail meat.  Also in the end Luca’s lobster comes out looking a little anemic because it wasn’t boiling long enough.  Kathy also over acidifies her salad with too much lemon. It’s a tough challenge, and it’s sooooo close, but ultimately it’s Bronx girl Kathy who’s sent packing.  I did enjoy her New York style.

Poor Joe Bastianich, I think this is the closest to crying that I’ve ever seen him.

call me maybe


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