MasterChef Season 4 – Episode 9 and 10 Recaps

MasterChef Spoilers Below…………..

Another week has flown by, who can believe it! I’m in the midst of packing up all my stuff and trying to sell things, I’m moving out of New York and heading west! It’s been really busy lately, so sorry for my lack of posts.  To all my readers out there, all I can promise you is that this summer is going to be awesome! Why, you may ask? Well, because I’ll be cooking from my mom’s kitchen for the next few weeks, which is fully stocked and beautiful.  Much more fun to cook in than my current Brooklyn kitchen! So I look forward to cooking up some delicious summer treats, especially for the 4th of July, which is just around the corner.

So on to MasterChef:

Episode 9:

Mystery Box Challenge:

The contestants were given a box of ethnic ingredients, many of which I had never seen before.  Among others, the ingredients included Elk meat, Lychee, Mohamma Spanish salt cured tuna, Okinawa sweet potatoes, Cods Liver, and Chinese Black Moss. The highlight of this part was when Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay tried on the Black Moss like a beard. LOL AMAZING.  That moss did look incredibly disgusting though.  The best dishes of the challenge were Eddie’s Elk flank and Sweet Potato Puree, Jordan’s Cold Salad topped with what he called “worms of some sort” (which were actually baby eels), and Bime’s Elk Flank, which Joe described as “an orchestra playing a symphony all at the same time”.  Nice one, Joe.

Eddie, also referred to as “steady Eddie” is THE WINNER of this challenge!

Elimination Test:

Eddie is given the opportunity to choose the dish from a selection of difficult-to-make pastas. He chooses the Agnoletti Pasta.  It’s announced that Lidia Bastianich will be joining them for a demonstration of how to make Agnoletti pasta.  Krissi begins freaking out, compares Lidia to Jesus and looks as if her cheeks will swell to maximum capacity from too much smiling.

Eddie also gets to choose which chefs don’t get to watch this demonstration by Lidia- he chooses James and Lynn to leave the room and not watch.  This proves to be a very strategic move for Eddie later on.  Highlights of the bad dishes of include the “maple syrup Alfredo” by Jonny, (YUCK TRIPLE YUCK), which Lidia deems as too sweet for dinner, Beth’s undercooked pasta, and her inability to boil water, and Howard’s “Green Pepper Pasta” which causes Joe to yell at him calling him a “Narcissist with a poor-me attitude”. “ THANK YOU FOR NOTHING”, say’s Joe. Howard looks like he’s about to break down and cry as his plate is thrown in the trash yet again.

The two standouts include Krissi’s and Jessie’s (I could see these two going head to head in the finals!), ultimately it’s Jessie’s dish who gets the best reviews and she’s the winner!  The chefs narrow it down to Lynn and Howard as the worst dishes, and in an awkward moment in MasterChef history, the chefs ask for “someone to do the right thing, and take off their apron”, and leave the competition. All I can say was, it was weird, very weird. Holding back tears, Howard swallows his beefy pride and removes his apron, leaving the MasterChef kitchen.

Episode 10:

"the chicken is still clucking!!!!!!!!"

“the chicken is still clucking!!!!!!!!”

Contestants are whisked away to Paramount Studios, and they find themselves on the sound stage of the Glee Chorus Room.  They’ll be cooking for 100 members of the cast and crew for  the show “Glee”! I’m not an avid fan of this show by any means, but it was kind of cool to see Jane Lynch give Gordon Ramsay a hug. (Jealous).  The contestants will have 90 minutes to prepare and 1 hour to serve the entire crew, and have to prepare 3 dishes, Fried Chicken with Fries, a Vegan Lasagna, and Salmon. Jane Lynch will be the one dividing the chefs into two teams, “The Beauty Team” (Red Team), and “The Beastly Team”(Blue Team). Could this be any weirder??????? First of all, why was Bethy put on the Beastly Team, and why did Jane Lynch call her a “Motorcycle Mama”. AWWWWKKKKKKWARDD. Second of all from the Beastly team, when is James planning to shave his face? It just isn’t sanitary around food, I’m sorry but it needs to go. Also, Krissi on the beastly team- yes, perfect.

The two teams begin cooking their dishes, when suddenly Jessie slices her finger while slicing the Scalloped Potatoes. It was supremely gross seeing all those close up shots of the blood gushing out. YUCKO. Poor Jessie 🙁 Also supremely gross was seeing the Blue team deliver raw fried chicken. (Great Job Bime).  I guess getting the temperature and timing right for the fryer proved to be too difficult for him.

Jessie’s team wins and they are safe. Ultimately it’s the Blue Team led by Krissi, who loses the challenge.  Krissi chosses to save herself from elimination, to which Jordan calls her a “hypocrital bitch!”, seeing as she called him out for doing the same thing a couple episodes ago. She also saves Jonny and Natasha.  On the chopping block to compete in the elimination are Jordan, Bethy, James, and Bime.

Lemon Meringue Pressure Test:

Bime CruzContestants will be cooking a Lemon Meringue Pie without any lemons. Classy.  They have to choose from other citrus fruits including Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, Blood Orange, and Tangerines. Nearly all of the chefs seem to be an absolute wreck in this part, James’ pie isn’t cooked all the way, Bethy also has raw pastry, and Bime completely messes up with adding cream of tartar instead of cornstarch to his pie curd. Gross.

Jordan’s pie is praised as “the best pie yet”, which seeing the others doesn’t really mean too much. The other pies are a complete watery mess, there’s a hilarious moment when Gordon pours out Bime’s curd into a Martini Glass and cheers him, only to taste the horrendously bitter cream of tartar. Cheers to that Soggy Meringue Gordon!  Bime’s pie is clearly the worst, and he’s eliminated from the competition. I wasn’t surprised.

How to Keep Meringue Pies from Getting Soggy

lemon meringue


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