Happy Independence Week

So I have finally arrived to the west coast! I’m back in my hometown of Tempe, Arizona for the next several weeks, visiting friends and relatives and also making the last minute preparations for my wedding.

I arrived 2 days ago actually, but I’ve been so busy with visiting with family and having other people cook for me, that I haven’t been able to cook much these past few days! I’ve been thinking about some exciting recipes to cook up for fourth of July.  We will be visiting my Aunt’s house and watching fireworks from her backyard. I have to bring dessert over to share.  I’m thinking of a new spin on red-white-and-blue cake which will be magnificent 🙂

Also tomorrow is my fiancees birthday, so I need to be baking him up some sort of something as well.  So many exciting things coming up!

I have so many great memories of the fourth of July. One of my favorites is when I was living in Boston and went to  Red Sox game on the 4th of July, and then for the fireworks show, the chance to take in the beautiful views from the picturesque setting overlooking the Charles River.  If you ever get the chance to go to Boston for the 4th, I would definitely recommend it at least once, it’s not to be missed!Boston-Fireworks

Also during this Independence week, I think about all of the Americans all over the world fighting in the Military to protect our freedoms.  I also think of all the service people who work to serve our country and government. I remember the 19 firefighters from my home state of Arizona who recently gave their lives while trying to prevent a fire from reaching homes and businesses of their fellow citizens.  All these things make you think about how lucky and thankful you are to live in the U.S.A.

Look forward to posting some new recipes today and tomorrow, thanks for reading! Take a moment this Independence week to remember your family and enjoy some R&R.

xoxo Amanda

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