MasterChef Season 4 Episodes 13 and 14 Recaps

Well after waiting an extraordinarily long time for a new episode (ok, so it was only 1 week, but still), FINALLY a new episode of MasterChef!

Episode 13:

Spanish Mystery Box:

Eva Longoria is the special guest to reveal the Mystery Box! Ms. Longoria has chosen the ingredients of pork tenderloin, avocado, shrimp, Jalapenos, and corn, as well as some other fun Latin-inspired ingredients.

Bri makes a delicious Butter and Cilantro Shrimp dish, and Eddie makes a Chili Pork Loin with roasted cream corn. Graham says “this is a dish you could keep eating and eating!”  Also in the top three is Savannah, who makes a spicy pork tenderloin dish.

The winner is Bri!

For her reward, Bri will not have to compete in the elimination challenge.  She also gets to choose a grocery basket from Walmart for one contestant to use for their dish, and the other competitors will use the ingredients in the other basket.

One basket contains dessert ingredients: strawberries, bananas, eggs, milk, sugar, flour, butter, baking powder, and lemon. The other basket contains entree ingredients: sweet potato, cauliflower, bell peppers, tomatoes, avocado, rice, collard greens, and a  steak.

Bri assigns Natasha to cook a steak entree in only 30 minutes, and the others are tasked with making a dessert dish.

Lynn doesn’t do so well in this challenge, he makes something supposedly called a “baked Meringue”, but it comes out looking like a mess on plate with some strawberries on top. Graham calls it “Cow shit stepped on with strawberries that your grandpa left out before passing.”

Gordon calls Lynn’s dish “the worst dish in the four years of MasterChef history.”

Natasha attempts to cook a perfect steak in 30 minutes, and all the judges are extremely impressed with her final product, a perfect temperature steak, accompanied by sweet potato fries and three different dipping sauces.


Elimination Challenge: 

Bri and Jessie are the first contestants announced in the top ten! Jessie is the winner! The bottom three are Lynn, Krissi, and James.  I feel like Krissi and James have been in the bottom three for like the past month?

Ultimately, stress and sweat got the best of him, and it’s Lynn who goes home.

You're outta here!"

You’re outta here!”

Episode 14:

In the next hour of MasterChef, we see the judges coming toward us on Jet Skis! Joe and Gordon are suited up in sexy wetsuits, and Graham arrives in a fake speedo-costume suit.  The contestants will be cooking on Huntington Beach for 101 hungry surfers. The dish is one of my favorites: Fish Tacos. They have 60 minutes to cook, and 60 minutes to serve. Each team must choose 1 type of fish to use in their tacos, either Ahi Tuna, Cod, Catfish, or Mahi Mahi. They must serve two identical tacos on each plate, with a delicious sauce. The first team to reach 51 votes is the winner!

With her win in the last challenge, Jessie is a team captain.  She gets to pick the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th people to be on her team.  Gordon calls it her “team of all-stars”.  The five remaining cooks will be the opposing team, and Jessie also gets to choose their team captain.

Jessie’s Blue team of all stars includes: James,Eddie, Bethy, and Natasha.Red team leader: Jessie chooses Savannah. “I think she made a mistake choosing me as captain, if she thinks I’m going to crumble under pressure, that’s not going to happen.”Savannah to the red team: “they don’t think we can do it, so we’re going to kick their asses.”

For their dish, the red team chooses bear battered cod with slaw and sauce.The Blue team chooses Mahi Mahi. The Blue team’s sauce is deemed “way too spicy” by both Graham and Joe. Graham says, “That’s not an evolving heat, that’s like a stab in the throat.” Well I’m not surprised it didn’t turn out right, since James was in charge of the sauce! 🙁

Jordan creates a cilantro lime sauce for the red team’s tacos. The Red team starts tasting Krissi’s fish, and they realize it tastes really bad, so Savannah decides to take it off the menu. Savannah asks: “Where do we put Krissi?”, and she decides to make her grill the tortillas, because there is nothing else for her to do.

As the surfers begin to come line up for their tacos, the blue team starts running out! OH NO! There’s a huge line of surfers waiting, and no one is eating.  They weren’t prepared enough.Despite not having good line service, the surfers appear to love the blue team’s tacos more in the end, and the blue team wins!

Krissi complains yet again that “she’s never been on a winning team”. Well maybe this isn’t a coincidence?

For the reward, the blue team is given Jersey’s from their home state’s baseball team, and Graham announces that they will be joining him to watch the MLB All-Star game live from Citi Field in New York!

The red team is sent to the wine room to vote on who they believe the weakest player is.  Not surprising, everyone begins to gang up on Krissi.  This leads to one of the most explosive confrontations in MasterChef history between Krissi and Bri.  Who knew that Krissi could curse like a sailor? (ok, so we all knew, let’s be honest.)  But more importantly, way to go Bri for standing up for yourself and not taking it! Bri says: “she was literally only heating up tortillas”, and “I think Krissi is just a bully, she’s insecure, and she secretly knows that I’m better than her.”

I wonder if these two actually got a chance to duke it out once the cameras stopped rolling.

Because who doesn't love a good hair-pulling?

Because who doesn’t love a good hair-pulling?

Pressure Test:

The contestants from the losing team have 40 minutes to cook a chicken breast three ways: Sauteed Chicken for Gordon, Southern Fried Chicken for Graham  and Stuffed Italian Chicken for Joe.

It is mentioned again that “everyone is sick and tired of Krissi, and that she needs to go home!”

Savannah, Bri, and Luca have never cooked Fried Chicken before, and once they start trying to cook their dishes, you can see that this isn’t looking good for them.

The judges line up to start tasting their dishes, and both Luca’s and Savannah’s chicken dishes are all very raw. What is this, the minor leagues??? Their chicken is as pink as a baby’s bottom!

How am I supposed to eat this?

How am I supposed to eat this?

Two of Bri’s chicken dishes are also raw.  The stuffed chicken was the only one proclaimed “not raw” by Joe.

“For the first time since I got here, I’m genuinely nervous”, says Bri.

Krissi’s chicken comes out well seasoned and cooked all the way through, so she is clearly safe for another week. Gordon says, “You may not be making many friends in this competition, but you are not the weakest link”.

“I’m going to fight and I will go down swinging!”-Krissi

Ultimately, even with her success in the previous challenge, Savannah’s dish is deemed the worst, and she is sent home.

Looking forward to another exciting episode of MasterChef next week! For complete episodes, go here!

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