MasterChef Season 4 Episodes 15 and 16 Recaps

It’s time for another exciting recap of MasterChef! MasterChef Season 4 Episodes 15 and 16 Recaps included below……..Spoilers Below!

Mystery box challenge: Sausage

It’s revealed that the contestants’ mystery box contains a variety of ingredients used to make sausage.  They will also be able to choose from a long line of meats, and also four vegetarian proteins (Hoorah for Bri). They have 60 minutes to make homemade sausage and feature it in its own entrée dish.

The best of the challenge are:

Natasha- with her chicken, bacon, apple and mozzarella sausage.  Judges say it was “seasoned beautifully, delicious, good texture great flavor”.

Eddie- with his pork sausage with purple cabbage and apple chutney.  It was a “stellar dish, you are starting to seriously shine” says Gordon.

Krissi- Italian sausage and peppers with Parmesan and Polenta- which Joe remarks: “with this kind of plating, you are formidable”, and Gordon says “her best performance so far this competition”

Mystery Box Winner:  Eddie

Elimination test:

Eddie won’t have to cook in this challenge, and he also he gets to choose which one of the three ingredients the contestants have to use in their dishes.  From among Ham, Mushrooms, and Shrimp, he chooses the mushrooms. Another twist is revealed that half of the group will be cooking with fresh mushrooms, and half will be cooking with canned. EWWWWW.

Canned people: Jessie, Natasha, Krissi.

Fresh people:  Jordan, James, Bri, Bethy.

Mid-challenge, Bethy has forgotten to grab any sugar for her Szechuan dish.  She goes around asking everyone if they have sugar, but they don’t……oh no! Finally she realizes Jordan has some and he gives it to her, saying “I’d rather have her be at the top of her game when I beat her”.

Bethy’s dish is a Szechuan noodle plate with toasted peppers and mushrooms. Graham says it has “overwhelming flavor of sesame and ginger”, “Someone’s going home, and it looks like you’ve got one foot out the door”, says Gordon.

Natasha’s dish is a Mushroom Ravioli with Tarragon.  The judges love it! Natasha is quickly becoming a new favorite for me.

James makes a Wild Mushroom Chowder with creme fraiche and arugula.  Comments include “way too heavy, and not what we expect from you at this level”, from Graham, and “way too salty” from Joe.  Nothing worse than an over-salted soup in my opinion.

Jessie makes a fantastic Mushroom Risotto with Pancetta with her canned mushrooms.  Her dish has a lot of finesse, and you can’t even tell that the mushrooms were canned at all!

Luca makes a cream of mushroom soup with canned mushrooms.  His soup comes out WAY THICK, getting Graham to remark: “doesn’t look like soup, it looks a little thick to me”. His soup does look like wall putty, no offense, because I normally really enjoy Luca’s dishes.

Jordan’s dish has too many things going on, to which Joe says “this mushroom dish really played to your weaknesses, Eddie has taken two frontrunners and brought them to their knees, I mean it’s kind of amazing.”

For the best dish, BRI WINS!

Bottom three are Bethy, James, and Jordan………and ultimately Bethy goes home, for her inability to make the mushrooms the star of her dish.

Episode 16: Cooking in the Wilderness

MasterChef Survivor Style!

In this episode the chefs will be cooking gourmet dishes in the wilderness. It’s a Masterchef fight for survival.  They will only have nature’s ingredients to work with, and they will have to stay overnight in the middle of nowhere.

“I have no idea where I am, I don’t hike or walk for fun, that’s not fun, that’s torture” says Krissi.  I can actually sympathize with Krissi on this one…….I’m not much of a nature girl either.

“We need you to show us you can cook anywhere, and with anything”, says Graham.  Well this is no joke!

The only things the contestants will have to work with are a cast iron skillet, a wooden spoon, knife, and a flint for starting fire.  This show has now turned into Survivor!

For winning the last challenge, Bri gets to pick her team members for the Blue Team- she chooses James, Eddie, and Luca.

When asked who Krissi wants on her team: “ I want to be on Natasha’s team, I don’t like the idea of being on a vegetarian’s team”

Natasha is the Red Team leader, and she chooses: Jordan, Jessie, and Krissi.

THEN: A TWIST! (Who would expect anything less from this show?)

The two team captains have to switch teams. Bri is mortified: “We’re now switching captains, now that Krissi just told everyone she hates me. I have to work with the beast.”


See the Resemblance?

See the Resemblance?

The two teams can choose either pigeons or rabbits for their protein, and they must create a gourmet dish using the most basic of provisions.

Bri’s team decides to be ambitious and will be making a pasta out of the limited flour and quail eggs they have.

When the judges visit Natasha’s team they ask: “What dish are you going to make tomorrow?” No one answers. “Not all at once?!

The blue team is concerned that the rabbit won’t braise in time, they only have one skillet and they have too many ingredients to cook in it. To make the pasta they will be rolling it out with a wine bottle and cutting it with a pocket knife.

Then, just when the blue team is about to serve their dishes to the judges, with about 30 seconds remaining, Bri makes the biggest mistake yet, and drops an entire plate of food on the ground.  The blue team rushes to re-plate using ingredients from the other plates.

The Blue Team serves a Braised Rabbit Ragu, served with mushrooms and Quail egg pasta. The judges call it “really good effort, good job”, and are very impressed with their pasta made in the wilderness.

The Red Team makes a slow roasted pigeon with Farro risotto and honey glazed baby carrots.  The judges are very impressed with the cooking of the rabbit, and how tender and perfectly seasoned it is.

Receiving the judges decision by smoke signal, it’s announced that the Red Team wins! “It wasn’t the team I picked, but I’m sure glad I ended up on it!”, says Natasha.

Then back in the MasterChef kitchen, in yet another twist, the judges announce that the red team will be deciding who on the blue team is safe from elimination. In a shocking twist of “the beasts” fate, they choose to save Krissi.

Jordan, Jessie, and Bri will be competing in the pressure test.

Pressure test: Eclair Much?

In a fight for their lives, the three competing will have 60 minutes to make a stunning éclair, oh wait, actually SIX STUNNING ECLAIRS.

Bri’s éclairs are flat, flaccid and severely undercooked.  Also the filling is not consistent and does not reach to the middle of the éclair.

Jordan’s éclairs are well cooked, but the filling is mushy because it was piped in when the éclairs were still hot.  Also, the chocolate is too sweet, says Graham.

Jessie’s éclairs are extremely flat as well, and due to her adding the eggs at the wrong time the éclairs are left with a weird top to them where the crust hasn’t formed correctly.  Jessie’s éclairs are also seriously lacking filling. She has virtually no filling except in the ends of the éclairs.

Who will be going home?!

Krissi says: “I’m tired of Bri, she’s not a good cook! I want that bitch to go home so bad.”

And in a sad and shocking twist of the hipster gods, Bri is eliminated. I had high hopes for her, she seemed like such a nice hipster Vegetarian.


For complete episodes of MasterChef, watch on Fox here!

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