Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts Restaurant Review

When visiting the LA Farmers Market, you must stop at Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts.  Not only does this place’s coffee pack an excellent punch of caffeinated goodness, their doughnuts are also superb.  I’m not a doughnut lover, I’ve said it before, BUT Bob’s doughnuts might just convert me over to the dark side.  For one, they have much more than just doughnuts.  They have bear claws, Cinnamon Rolls, and my favorite, Long John’s. I indulged in a chocolate and cream filled Long John with a medium coffee, and it was pure delight.  I wasn’t expecting my long john to be filled with cream!

Also, this place was right in my budget of $1.25 for a doughnut and $1.50 for a coffee. Who could ask for anything better in the morning? You can also tell this place has a following, because there was a line, even on a weekday morning. Once you get your coffee and doughnut you can relax in the serene setting of the LA Farmers market and watch the people go by, and realize that life really is just as simple as coffee and doughnuts.


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