Trader Joes Cupcake Vodka

Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to shop.  The foods are healthy, the produce is fresh, they have an awesome selection…..the list goes on.  When walking around the store, you see that Trader Joes has a huge selection of wines and spirits from around the world, and a lot of them are extremely cheap. After moving from New York, seeing a decent bottle of wine for under $12 is still shocking.  Currently Trader Joe’s acquired virtually all the known stock of Cupcake vodka, and they are now selling it for $4.99 a bottle. Yes, that’s $4.99 FOR A WHOLE BOTTLE of vodka. How there is still some remaining on the shelves is a mystery to me.  I would think all the homeless, and all the broke college students in the world would have bought them out by now. I only drink Vodka once in a while, and even I swiped a bottle of the “Very Berry” at that price! I’m thinking of going back and stocking up for the holidays.  I hope they aren’t sold out since Monday.

Cupcake Vodka

After I first saw the price, I was really curious why it was so cheap, I was hoping it wasn’t defective or poisoned or something, or that the whole batch had somehow gotten infected with Salmonella.  Because Vodka and chicken are both made at the same factories, of course. I was really happy when my issue of Trader Joe’s Magazine came in the mail only a few days later, and mentioned that they had purchased all of the supply of Cupcake Vodka because “the world wasn’t ready for a Vodka named after a dessert pastry”. Thanks Trader Joe’s.  Thank you for being smart, and thank you for selling the world perfectly delicious, perfectly cheap, vodka.

I first tried Cupcake Vodka a few New Year’s Eve’s ago, when I was buying a couple samplers to go along with the entire wine and liquor purchase for a New Year’s Eve party that night.  I think I paid almost $4 for the teeny tiny sampler version. I remember personally thinking at the time: “Oh, that’s so cute, vodka that tastes like cupcakes, I love cupcakes! Awesome!”

I guess a lot of people didn’t think that.  I wonder if they are going out of business.  Maybe they should work a little harder on their marketing, maybe try some billboards, or get some celebrity endorsements.  I think the Cupcake brand is also a specialty wine brand, so maybe they are just going to stick to that.  Glad that I have one of the last bottles of their vodka in my freezer at the moment!

Head to Trader Joe’s ASAP to stock up, it will be gone soon.

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7 thoughts on “Trader Joes Cupcake Vodka

  1. anita

    Dang! I just paid $15 and thought that was a bargain! It’s delicious. Anyway, this explains the low price at Trader Joes.

    Heading off to TJ LOL!

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