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Being an Orange County resident now, I decided it was time to post a brief review about Tustin Brewing Company, a local neighborhood pub right near our new digs.  Tustin Brewing Company is located on Newport Avenue, right past Irvine Boulevard.  This brewing company is tucked in a really sweet plaza, where all the buildings are white and look like a German village.  Totally cool.  Prior to going to Tustin Brewing Company, I’d never gone this far into Tustin, or this far down Newport for that matter.  Totally glad I did!

lemon hefeweisen

Tustin Brewing Company boasts a lot of great things, it had over 12 beers on tap when we were there.  Also there were really cool stainless steel beer vats all around.  Not sure if those were in service, or just for decoration, but they were awesome. Also, since they are a brewing company you can get beer in bulk to-go here too, whether it be the standard growler, the 5 gallon, or the 15 gallon keg.  Also it’s important to mention that on Thursday nights they have extended happy hour, where you can get discounts on appetizers and beers, until 8pm. Tustin Brewing Company also has a lot of TV screens, nearly 10 in total, where you can view virtually any game that’s on at the moment.  We happened to go just for the Dodgers Game, and we were not disappointed!

For beers, hubby and I delighted in tasting the Lemon Heights Hefeweisen and the Old Town IPA. For food, there is a good selection of standard pub fare, also soups, salads, and some great burger choices.  My husband ordered the Tustin Burger, which came out perfectly cooked and extremely large (make sure to come hungry).  For our starter we ordered the Chicken Fingers, which were very well seasoned and came with a spicy barbecue dip and a ranch dip. For my entree I ordered the Oriental Chicken Salad- which I admit I had sort of low expectations for, being that it was “bar food”, but the salad was actually really good! It had grilled chicken on it, oriental style dressing, crispy fried noodles, and fresh cabbage.  I was so glad I ordered the salad and not the huge burger, because the meal was excellent.tustin brewing company

I plan on going back to Tustin Brewing company soon, because I really want to try their Oktoberfest beer, and also their Fish and Chips dish sounds really good. We’ll probably be back soon, since the Dodgers are in the playoffs!


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