Chicken Mushroom Risotto Recipe

Now that we are entering the fall and winter seasons, it’s time to start indulging in some of your favorite comfort foods! This Chicken Mushroom Risotto Recipe is certain to fill your tummy, and give you those warm and fuzzy feelings that the holidays bring. I first was introduced to Risotto when I lived in Italy for a summer. The wonderful creamy richness of risotto never left my mind ever since! The great thing about risotto, is that once you master the technique of cooking it properly, it’s so easy to make!

Risotto uses only a few simple ingredients, and the end result tastes like you were slaving away in your kitchen all day. In reality, risotto takes a lot less time, and is a lot less complex than a lot of other foods, although it isn’t made out to be like that. Sure, it contains a little more butter and the more traditional recipes also call for heavy cream to be added at the end- so it isn’t the most health-conscious dish out there. But when you make it around once a month, then you won’t have a problem.

One word of warning though, once you make risotto you’ll get addicted to it!

Chicken Mushroom Risotto Recipe

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 35 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Chicken Mushroom Risotto Recipe

This Chicken Mushroom Risotto Recipe is filling and satisfying for a dinner dish on a cool night.


1 1/2 cups Arborio Rice
1 cup sliced mushrooms
32 ounces low sodium chicken broth
1/3 cup white wine
Salt and Pepper to taste
Olive oil (enough to coat pan)
3 tablespoons of butter
4 tablespoons Parmesan Cheese
2 chicken breasts or thighs, cooked and diced into small pieces


  1. Wash and dry mushrooms thoroughly to prepare for cooking.
  2. Slice into thin pieces, and sautee in a medium skillet with some olive oil and salt and pepper.
  3. Once the mushrooms have "sweated out" most of their water, then you can add the risotto rice to the pan.
  4. Cook risotto along with the mushrooms for 2-3 minutes until it is heated up.
  5. Add the white wine and simmer for 2 minutes.
  6. Begin adding the chicken broth a little at a time, and continue adding more as the risotto plumps up and absorbs the liquid. (takes around 30 minutes for the rice to cook through all the way).
  7. Once all the liquid has been absorbed, add the butter and Parmesan cheese and stir until smooth and creamy.
  8. For the chicken:
  9. Slice into thin strips and cook along with salt and pepper in a sautee pan.
  10. Once the chicken is done, add it to the risotto.
  11. Serve with a side of veggies!


Customize this risotto by adding your favorite spices and garnishes.


Chicken Mushroom risotto

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