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Has anyone seen this new item yet?  I saw it at CVS a few nights ago.  Crock Pot Brand has come out with a new item, targeted toward the lunchtime crowd.  It’s called “Lunch Crock”.  I guess they are marketing it as a food warmer.

Because it is small and lightweight, it is convenient for those who work in a small cubicle or small office environment.  If I was still in college and only cooking for one person, you’d better believe I would be purchasing a lunch crock.  The Lunch Crock can accommodate about 2-3 cups of liquid, so you can easily heat up soups, stews, Ramen, Oatmeal, and many other cheap convenience foods.

Lunch Crock is being sold for only 19.99 at CVS, and it’s also being sold online.

lunch crock

The only concern I see with the lunch crock is that it’s made of plastic, not ceramic like the traditional crock pot.  Over time, I can see that people would overuse the lunch crock leading to deterioration and death of the product.  I used to own a food-warmer similar to this, and it ultimately stopped working after about a year.  I think it’s because I once tried to cook pasta from scratch in it, and it wasn’t up to the challenge.

Another good use for the lunch crock would be for those who travel frequently and stay in hotels, and are wishing to save some money on restaurant bills.  The lunch crock is small enough to fit inside a normal size suitcase, so you could indeed plug it in and use it in your hotel room to make some soup!

Lunch crock definitely appeals to the hermit-consumer crowd. You could stock up on a years supply of canned goods and oatmeal and sufficiently survive the apocalypse. Every doomsday bunker definitely needs a lunch crock. (Provided that nuclear fallout doesn’t eliminate all electrical signals)

Order your Lunch Crock online today!

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  1. Kelly

    I have one. It is very convenient for warming up canned soup to a nice hot temperature. I’d like to make oatmeal in it, but not sure how.

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