Wilson Creek Winery Review

Wilson Creek Winery Review:

Wilson Creek Winery is located in Temecula, California, the home of many wineries!   We had the pleasure of visiting there this weekend and it was fabulous.  If you are visiting other wineries in the area (of which there are many), I’d recommend sharing a tasting, which is what my husband and I did.  The tasting is $20, and you get a selection of 7 wines.  When entering the winery, there is a sign and a huge line where you can purchase the tasting tickets.  And yes, they give you tickets so that the bartenders can keep track, however we found that they were “very generous” and I think that we actually got a couple extra samples for free!

Once you walk into Wilson Creek Winery you are greeted by a lush courtyard and grassy area, and if the weather is nice enough you can sit outside at the many tables around the area.  There are beautiful trees and rose bushes which are lavishly adorning the grounds, and also there is a nice gift shop.  Now to get started on the selection of wines that they have to offer.  They have a lot to choose from.  Wilson Creek Winery is known around the country for their Almond Champagne.  Now, you may be thinking why is a winery known for their champagne?  Well, the champagne is absolutely the most delicious champagne I’ve ever tasted!  I was so glad that we got to sample this during our tasting.  Among the other selections on the tasting menu were a red wine called “Yes Dear”, which was very good, and also they have a really diverse collection of dessert wines.  I don’t typically like extremely sweet wine, so I opted for more of the dark, red, and dry wine varieties.

Inside the bar area where you can purchase the wines, (this is only one bar, and I believe there are 4 bars located on the premises, in addition to a restaurant), there are really cool barrels of wine decorating a complete wall of the interior, as well as some unique chandeliers.

The clientele attending Wilson Creek winery is pretty varied, although I’d say most appeared to be enjoying themselves! The winery was bustling at the time we got there, around 3pm, and I believe that they close around 5:30 or 6 on many nights, because they hold private parties there.  I was just glad we got to visit this winery because it was really fun.

Also, I’d recommend going during the holiday season because they have a huge tree which is decorated for Christmas, in addition to lights in the trees on the grounds.  It’s really beautiful! Fore more information on Wilson Creek Winery, check them out online.

You can also purchase their Almond Champagne directly from Amazon at a very reasonable price!


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