Archive Vintage Furniture Laguna Beach

For this post, I will veer off into new territory! Something that isn’t food related! This past weekend my husband and I visited this vintage furniture store in Laguna Beach, called Archive.  Stepping inside was like being on the set of Mad Men- no joke.  Their collection of furniture from the 60’s and 70’s is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen.  Most of the pieces were out of our price range, and we wouldn’t have room for them anyway in our apartment!

However, if you are into “that sort of thing” (being vintage furniture), Archive is probably one of the best places in Orange County.  Upon speaking to the sales manager, we learned this store also ships many pieces around the country and internationally. Many of the designers have been featured at MOMA in New York, among many other modern art museums worldwide.

Some of my favorite pieces from Archive:

Side tables


Lounge Chairs

Baseball Mitt Lounge Chairs



For more, visit Archive Laguna online!

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