Cheese Profile: Piave Vecchio

Piave Vecchio is a cheese you may not have heard of before. It’s Italian, and can be used as a cheese similar to Parmesan or Reggiano. A dense hard cheese from the Veneto region of Italy, Piave Vecchio is one of the more aged Italian cheeses, typically aged at least 6 months as a standard- 12 months for more expensive varieties. Piave Vecchio has a texture which can be grated, or cut into slices and put on a cheese plate. It has a light yellow/ white color and a medium sharp and nutty flavor with a lightly fruity finish.
Piave Vecchio

Piave vecchio cheese wheel

Piave Vecchio is named after the Piave river in Italy. You can always tell you have purchased Piave cheese, when the rind of the cheese is impressed repeatedly with “Piave”.

Piave Vecchio can be hard to find, but it is available at specialty stores like AJ’s Fine Foods and at most Whole Foods. You can also purchase it from Amazon’s Gourmet food store!


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