Ikea Food Store Review

Ikea Food Store Review:

Have you visited an Ikea recently?  Ok so they aren’t everywhere yet, but most major cities now have them.  Did you know that Ikea has a wonderful selection of Scandinavian foods?  The foods at Ikea are exclusively marketed as Swedish- because they are native to Sweden.  However, many of the traditions that Swedes use in their food are also used in Finnish cuisine.  And for many folks, visiting an Ikea may be the only dose of Scandinavian culture that they will ever experience! If you haven’t enjoyed a fresh baked Cinnamon Roll from Ikea, then you haven’t lived yet!

Ikea Cinnamon Roll

Ikea has a phenomenal selection of foods which I like to purchase on a regular basis.  My favorite is the Lingonberry Jam.  Lingonberries (Puolukkahillo) are native to Scandinavia and are popular on traditional dishes such as Potato cake, Finnish black sausage, Pancakes, pies, or as a side dish to meat or mashed potatoes.   Pickled Herring and Salmon dishes are typically garnished with Lingonberries as well.  Lingonberries are also used as a topping for Finnish Rice Pudding.

The Ikea food store can be a wonderful introduction to Scandinavian cuisine, and because the prices are so reasonable, if you find you don’t like something, it isn’t a huge waste of money!

Another delicious thing to purchase at the Ikea food store is chocolate.  They have an unbelievable selection of chocolates, candies, and sweets. You can even buy them in bulk online and serve them at parties, or as wedding favors. The chocolate is great for baking as well.

Ikea Food Store

So if you happen to have an Ikea in your area, pop in! Not only to look at their selection of furniture and home furnishings, but to visit their unique food store.

Many Ikea food items can now be purchased on Amazon Gourmet Grocery, so be sure to stock up. Ikea Grocery Store on Amazon

I also happened to find this recipe which is for “Ikea-inspired” Cinnamon Rolls, thanks to the Kitchn.  I will have to try making my own Ikea Cinnamon rolls sometime soon!

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