Why I Love My Apple TV

To veer off into new territory, I’d like to post a brief review of why I love my Apple TV.  My husband and I purchased our Apple TV over a year ago.  Back when we first got this amazing little device, we were worried about its longevity- mostly we were worried that Apple would come out with something new or better in a year, and that we would have to “upgrade”.  But thankfully, this hasn’t happened, and in fact Apple TV is continuing to expand its selection of apps and offerings.

Apple TV

This little device is now all we use for our TV viewing.  We don’t purchase cable.  We have a Netflix subscription which is available as an Apple App on the Apple TV, and many new apps have also been released which are almost better than the shows available on cable!
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Yahoo has recently made some of their content available on the Apple TV, and they even have a special channel devoted to Martha Stewart! Needless to say, this is one of my favorite things to watch.  They offer short clips of the Martha Stewart Show which feature recipes and cooking tips.  Bravo Apple TV, and way to go Yahoo!

Some of the other shows offered on the Yahoo channel are SNL, ABC News updates, The Onion, Vogue Fashion News, Wired, and PopSugar. Honestly, after all of the streaming content available from Yahoo on my Apple TV, I would think long and hard before I ever purchased cable again.

Other channels which are available through the Apple TV are the Smithsonian Channel, PBS (where YES, you can watch recent episodes Downton Abbey if you are so inclined), and Crackle.  Crackle is a pay/subscribe option similar to Netflix which offers movies and shows. Netflix is pretty much all we need, so we haven’t gotten into Crackle at this point.

I really like the PBS channel, because it also has amazing content, similar to Yahoo.  You can watch full operas, featured “Great Performances” shows, Musical concerts and artist profiles, and more.  There are also cooking shows and chef profiles!  You can watch episodes of Julia Child, Martha Bakes, and Everyday Food directly on your Apple TV.

Okay, I may be a huge geek admitting that I love PBS, but GO PBS!  Having your content available on the Apple TV is SO AWESOME! I have gotten really into the Masterpiece shows on PBS, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

The Smithsonian Channel is great because you can watch Nature shows, Science Discoveries, and anything space related. I recently watched this amazing documentary about a Bionic Man which was pretty much the most incredible thing involving medical technology that I have ever seen.

Also, if you are a sports fan, Apple TV allows you to stream MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA games.  You have to purchase a subscription for these- but if you like to watch games whenever you want, or fast forward or watch game clips, then this is the device for you.

So I may be impartial since the Apple TV is the only device I currently use for TV viewing- BUT- truly, this device is really the only thing you need.

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