Scandia Bakery Review

Scandia Bakery Review!  We visited this delightful little bakery in Laguna Beach this weekend.  Just steps away from shops, restaurants art galleries, and not to mention the gorgeous beach!  Upon entering Scandia Bakery you are greeted by a wonderfully stocked display case, giving you enough eye candy to wet your dessert appetite for sure.  The bakery menu boasts cannoli, pastries, cakes, pies, tiramisu, and a whole collection of other delicious goodies.  Scandia Bakery also has a great selection of drip and espresso coffees, and also has lunch and grab and go items like sandwiches, soups, wraps, fruit, and cold salads.

Upon this visit to Scandia, my husband and I split the Cherry Danish.  It tasted just like cherry pie, which was awesome because I had been craving cherry pie for weeks, and yet no one had cherry pie at any of the holiday festivities we went to!  The cherry filling was the perfect combination of sweet and tart, and the crust was flaky and delicate, just as I would expect from a danish. We got our danish and found a table among the few in the bakery.  I’m sure the tables do get full early in the morning, because the seating is limited.

Cherry DanishThe best part about visiting Scandia Bakery was the proximity to the other great things in Laguna, and of course the delicious Cherry Danish, which made the perfect afternoon snack. If I hadn’t eaten so much earlier in the day, you better believe I would have ordered a slice of the tiramisu cake. Also, one thing this bakery may do to improve would be to offer ice cream or soft serve on the side, because a piece of cake without the ice cream is such a travesty!

Next time you happen to be in the luxurious and art-centric city of Laguna Beach, stop in to Scandia Bakery and feast your eyes on all the delicious treats.

Scandia Bakery Laguna Beach


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