Christakis Greek Cuisine Restaurant Review

Christakis Greek Cuisine Restaurant Review: This Valentines Day, Hubby and I had the experience of dining at Christakis Greek Cuisine in Tustin!  Christakis Greek Cuisine is located off of Irvine Boulevard and Newport Avenue in Tustin, in a shopping plaza which has several restaurants in it.  It would be easy to miss Christakis Greek Cuisine, because it is a very small restaurant!

I was just so excited to be eating Greek food, I hadn’t had it in so long! The menu at Christakis is a sampling of Lamb dishes, fish, Baklava, and Hummus selections, along with traditional Mediterranean appetizers like olive plates.  The wine menu at Christakis also has a great selection of Greek Wines, which can be really hard to find! On Valentine’s day they also had a live acoustic guitar player playing romantic melodies for all the guests.  It was superb to hear live music as we dined.

For our dinner, we started with the hummus trio, which comes with traditional hummus, red pepper hummus, and greek yogurt, along with fresh baked pita bread.  (The waitress also brought us more pita bread when we ran out, which was great.)



For my entree I enjoyed the Scallops, and my husband had the rack of lamb.  I felt that the scallops were a little less seared than I am accustomed to, so they were a little “fishy”- I prefer them to be more on the buttery and tender side, so there was room for improvement there.  Also, the side of pasta that came with the scallops was pretty average- the sauce on the pasta wasn’t very well-flavored, and I would have appreciated a little more refinement in the spices used in the sauce. My husband ordered the rack of lamb, (which was a little on the dry side and seemed overcooked), and came with a side of mashed potatoes and asparagus.  I would say overall I would give the food quality a 3 out of 5, I would have wanted a little more refinement in the flavor of the lamb.  My husband’s mashed potatoes were pretty average as well- they just weren’t very outstanding in terms of flavor.  The most flavorful part of the meal was the red pepper hummus- this was the only part of the meal which I could have kept eating more of……

I thought for the prices, that the portions were also a little small, I counted the asparagus on the plate and I think there were only 5 or six small pieces.  I think the restaurant may be trying to keep their margins tight by having smaller portions. I just don’t think it was worth the price of the entrees, which were over $20 each.

For our dessert we selected the New York Cheesecake, which was OK, but I think that the restaurant may order these from elsewhere and have them brought in, because it didn’t taste very homemade or memorable in any way.  I’ve had cheesecake from Costco that tasted just as good, if not better. Also, I’m a bit of a cheesecake snob, having eaten REAL NY Cheesecake in the big apple.  I can spot a mass-produced cheesecake from a mile away- which was what this one was.

All in all, we had a great Valentine’s Day and were happy to support a local Tustin establishment.  Next time we may head closer to the coast or try a place with a little more consistency in the food quality.  I guess I should have realized when the place wasn’t completely packed at 7pm on Valentine’s day, that most other people had decided the same thing.  Still on the lookout for memorable Greek food in the OC!


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