Lucille’s BBQ Restaurant Review

Lucille’s BBQ Restaurant Review
This weekend my family was in town, and we were looking for family restaurants in Orange County, and we were so glad to find Lucille’s BBQ!  Lucille’s BBQ is located in the District shopping center in Tustin, which offers for a convenient location with a lot of parking!  It’s also great if you are planning to dine here for lunch, or if you are attending a movie, because there are a lot of shopping options in the district in addition to the AMC theatres.


We ate at Lucille’s BBQ for dinner on a Sunday night.  I’m sure glad we made a reservation, because there was a line of people outside the door waiting to get a table!  This restaurant is very family friendly, and there were a lot of young children dining with their parents etc.  So this isn’t the type of restaurant where you feel like you are eating in a museum or anything like that.  On the contrast, eating at Lucille’s is like going to the best family BBQ ever!

The decor inside of Lucille’s BBQ is festive and reminded me of a Mardi-Gras party.  There are large lit-up signs and beads hanging everywhere, and also pictures of pigs and cows, to reinforce the BBQ theme.

The menu at Lucille’s is extensive, but offers all the standard BBQ fare such as Brisket, Ribs, Sandwiches, Burgers, Salads, soft drinks and a full bar, and a wonderful selection of desserts.  I ordered the Mushroom burger, which came out on a soft warm potato bun and was topped with an abundance of mushrooms and onions. (My favorites :p).  Other members of my family had the BBQ pork Sliders, the Rib Sandwich, and the Catfish Sandwich.  The meals all come with an option of one or two sides, and there were a lot of side dish options, which made it really difficult to decide!  I think among the four of us we managed to sample the Macaroni and Cheese, Watermelon, Fries, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Sweet Mashed Potatoes.  I ate the Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and they were simply delicious!

Lucille’s BBQ has very large portions, so be sure to show up very hungry! However the food was so good we all somehow managed to clean our plates and left with only one small box of leftovers!  Pretty impressive. Another great thing about Lucille’s was the amazing feeling of hospitality you get from the moment you walk in the door.  There is someone handing out suckers for the kids, and a great hostess helping people to their seats.  Our waitress was so personable and nice and seemed to know every detail of the menu.

Hope you can go and check out Lucille’s BBQ at the District in Tustin.  It’s a BBQ gem in the heart of Orange County.

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