Pei Wei Tustin Restaurant Review

Pei Wei Tustin Restaurant Review

This Sunday we were in need of a quick and inexpensive dinner option close to our place in Tustin.  I was kind of craving something spicy and healthy, with some vegetables in it- so I offered that we should try Pei Wei at the District in Tustin.  Pei Wei is a great combination of a quick-casual restaurant which also has delicious more refined cuisine.  It’s a little more expensive than a place like a Panda Express, but it is much more gourmet.  Also, you can choose between a small or large portion, white rice or brown rice, and a variety of different sauces and spices.


The interior decor of the Pei Wei at the District is simple yet effective at inspiring a Chinese mood.  The walls are painted red, and there is a vibrantly displayed TV screen monitor which has the menu choices.  I ordered the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps, and my husband ordered the Sweet and Sour Shrimp with brown rice.   We also ordered the veggie spring rolls as a starter. The veggie spring rolls tasted just like average egg rolls from any Chinese restaurant, but the dipping sauce was much spicier than a normal sweet Chinese egg roll dip.

The lettuce wraps came out fairly well, although I wish they would have come with more lettuce- I was done with lettuce after only half of the Thai chicken was eaten, so I just had to eat the rest plain. The sweet and sour shrimp were pretty good, although the small portion seemed really small, I think there were only about 5 or 6 shrimp.  So if you are really hungry I suggest ordering the large size. I have eaten at Pei Wei’s before in Arizona, and overall I think that for the price you get fairly decent food.  Comparably, Chipotle charges around $8.50 for a burrito, and you can get the same size portion here for around the same price. The food is seasoned well, and I would even say it is a little too salty.

They should consider lowering the sodium content of their food some, as this is not healthy at all.  You would be shocked to see how much sodium is in even one of their small entrees, it is more than the recommended amount a person should consume in an entire day. Check out Pei Wei Nutrition for more info.

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