Color Me Mine Tustin Review

Color Me Mine Tustin Review

Who doesn’t enjoy painting pottery!? I haven’t been to one of these pottery painting places in forever, like maybe since I was 10 years old or so- but they are so much fun!  I was excited when my mother-in-law said she wanted to go for her birthday, because I have just been dying to do something to get my creative juices flowing for months!

At Color Me Mine you choose from a selection of ceramic items from their stock, and then you paint them to your liking with a variety of paints and puffy paints.  Color Me Mine fires the pieces in their on-site kiln, and a week or so later you pick them up.  I’d recommend that children be over age 7 or 8 before bringing them to a place like this, just because they need to be able to sit still and focus for a certain time- also younger kids may be unruly or drop the ceramic items and break them. There are signs everywhere that say “if you break an item, you pay 50% of the cost”, probably trying to make this point come across.

The rates for the Tustin location were $10 per person for the painting fee, and the ceramic items you can pick to paint ranged from $7-40.  I think the cheapest item was a plain tile.  You can stay as long as you would like to paint, they don’t kick you out, so be sure to take your time making your artwork come out as great as possible.

The staff who works there comes around and refills your paints as they run out which is nice. Also, there is an assortment of stamps, sponges, and puffy paints available if you would like to add various textures while painting. Color Me Mine also has aprons available so you don’t get yourself covered in paints!

We went to the Tustin location on a Sunday afternoon around 1:30, and I’m glad we went earlier, because at around 3:30 the place was packed, with not a spare table to be found! We painted for around 2 hours or so- being sure to put at least 3 coats to make sure the colors were the best.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the final products come out- below is just a photo of the “Before”. Everyone with even an ounce of creativity can certainly have fun at Color Me Mine, it’s a great way to spend a weekend afternoon!

Cupcake Painted Pottery

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