Melting Pot Irvine Restaurant Review

Melting Pot Irvine Restaurant Review

We had the chance to dine at the Melting Pot in Irvine this past week as part of Orange County Restaurant week! My husband and I had never visited a Melting Pot before, mostly we had just heard about them for years from all the foodies we knew.  Our experience at the Melting Pot was certainly memorable and delicious! We ate at the Melting Pot for lunch, and were seated in a very elegant booth.  The restaurant was dimly lit and had swanky romantic music and jazz standards playing.  This ambiance may be a little “cheesy” for some, but I found it cute that Michael Buble was playing while I dipped my food in cheese.

The restaurant week menu featured two courses.  The first course offered a choice of many different cheeses, and came with breads, crackers, and fresh veggies to dip.  At the Melting pot, the waitress cooked our cheese right in front of us, as we watched it melt to the perfect creamy consistency.  We ended up going with the classic cheddar option- well because it’s the best of course!  The portions for the first course were really good- and the waitress even offered to bring out more things to dip if we ran out.

The second course was a stew fondue sort of thing- (again, I didn’t know what to expect from a place that has you cook your own food on the burner on your table)- but the stew broth smelled exactly like Ramen noodles.  Now, I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, considering Ramen is chock-full of sodium and MSG and all other sorts of things. But we ate it anyway. The waitress went really fast over explaining how long to cook the meats, and the proper way to cook them (you are supposed to make sure the utensil you use to drop them in the broth isn’t the same one you eat with, because this can cause cross contamination etc.), and I felt like I had no idea how long I was supposed to cook them for, but they did turn out well cooked.

For our choices of meats to dip in the stew broth we sampled the Sirloin steak, the duck, and the shrimp.  There was also a sampling of fresh broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots to cook in the broth.  We also got a tray of assorted sauces which we could use to garnish our meats and veggies.  The best sauce was the Teriyaki.

For our dessert we decided to keep it simple, and each got a pre-made chocolate covered strawberry.  Classic.

Overall our experience at The Melting Pot was a fun time- we were just glad to save a few bucks by going during restaurant week for the specials.  In my opinion, I’m not sure if I would pay full price for food you need to cook yourself. It was a little intense for me- having to sit there and wait while the food cooked, especially waiting for the cheese to cook during the first part.  I must have been super hungry that day, but it seemed to take forever to actually eat.  The portions were really sizable though, and the meats were tender.  I think this is the type of place that you go like once or twice, maybe with your gal pals (as my husband said).

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