Soon to be Boozing at Starbucks- Starbucks to sell Alcohol

Soon to be Boozing at Starbucks………yes, that’s what the news is saying today- Starbucks is going to start serving Alcohol.  I heard a while back that certain Starbucks would be offering selections of liqueur which you could add to your frappucinos or mochas, but now the news is saying that Starbucks will be selling good old fashioned Artisan varieties of Beer and Wine.

Starbucks Wine

Want Some?

I think they will only be serving alcohol to the evening crowd, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they started at noon or something in certain markets. I can’t decide if I agree with this totally new concept for Starbucks, I mean I’m not an inherent coffee snob who only goes to places which only offer coffee- and the same can be said for most of Starbucks customers.  The people who go to Starbucks these days aren’t really as classy as they used to be.  I mean, I’ve seen teens and tweens hanging out in there some nights.  Which brings me to the next question- will the new alcohol serving Starbucks be checking ID’s at the door now?  Employing Security Guards for the crowd control that “bars” inherently need? Will people be milling around conversing with their neighbors at a bar of some sort, or will they just be sitting and sipping quietly?

Will people even want to drink the alcohol they serve in the first place? I mean, if you want a killer mojito or a gin and tonic you’ll probably still have to look elsewhere- so will the addition of beer and wine really add anything to their appeal or their profits? If people want to drink they will go to a legit bar, complete with the ambience, dim lighting, and musical stylings.  I can’t imagine someone sitting in a Starbucks reading “Catcher in the Rye” and drinking a glass of Merlot.  It’s just so cliche.

Like, lets go score some overpriced Artisanal Wine while we listen to some selections from the latest Diana Krall album.

Also, I wonder how awkward the whole process will be while waiting for your wine- like will you need to go down to the end and wait with all the others who are getting Frappucinos?  Or will they just pour it for you right at the register? Will a wine server come and refill your glass and then keep you on a tab? I want some explanation on how this will work, because my mind is just being blown right now.

Personally, I find the idea of drinking wine from a paper cup to be a little cheap-o, so I do hope they have some real glasses available, preferably with the Starbucks logo on them.  Let me sip my wine at the same time that I enjoy one of those little individually wrapped sandwiches with the Artisanal cheese bread. Let me enjoy the sophisticated ambiance as college kids and yuppies work diligently on their laptops and listen to their iPods.

I feel like coffee snobs out there should be revolting for this disintegration of the Starbucks institution! However, I predict that most coffee snobs are also wine snobs, so maybe this shouldn’t matter all that much.

All I do know, is that within the next few years in many cities there will now be additional options to score booze every few blocks or so. In the future you could possibly be drunk and then highly caffeinated within just a few minutes. The thing I really wonder about is just how much more dominating Starbucks can become.  How many other beverages do they need to sell and become the top seller at before it will be enough? Are there any limits for this unstoppable coffee giant?

Anyone have an opinion on this? I wanna hear, please comment!

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