Barilla Veggie Pasta

In some of my recent shopping trips to the store, I’ve purchased this amazing new pasta- it’s called Veggie Pasta by Barilla. I’ll admit that the first time I purchased it, I wasn’t expecting too much because, I mean- veggies that are ground up to make pasta? It would probably be a weird texture and just taste downright weird! But when I finally got around to cooking it and adding the sauce and topped it with some grated parmesan and freshly ground black pepper, I was amazed! So apparently this pasta claims that in every serving of the pasta there is 20% of your daily recommended serving of vegetables. So this is certainly a little healthier than eating ordinary pasta.


The pasta is colored orange, which Barilla claims is due to the natural coloring of the vegetables which are added. I actually really like the color of it- it certainly would be pretty to use for a summer party dish to add some more color to your table.

I don’t think that the Barilla Veggie Pasta really tastes anything like vegetables- but then again I do eat it with toppings, so I can’t really tell what it tastes like so much. But the texture is pretty much equal to that of normal pasta. It just packs more nutritional value with the veggies added in.

So I’d definitely recommend trying out the Barilla Veggie Pasta. Simply boil up some water and add this pasta for around 10-15 minutes. Top with your favorite sauce and some freshly grated Parmesan or Mozzarella. YUM YUM!

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