Salmiakki Korsenkova

 Salmiakki Korsenkova


Great video, courtesy off Buzzfeed, which features Americans trying Salmiakki Korsenkova, a Finnish alcoholic drink which tastes like Salmiakki. Hilarious! I sure wish I could find some of this stuff or have it shipped over here.  In my opinion, no, it does not taste exactly like Jagermeister- it has a much stronger licorice taste, and it’s like nothing else I’ve ever had!


On a side note, there is also a cough medicine sold at the Apteeki in Finland that tastes almost exactly like Salmiakki Korsenkova, which I had to rely on heavily while living there and nursing a major chest cold.  The stuff worked! I don’t remember the name of it, but if anyone happens to know, please share! I’m sure it’s illegal in the United States. haha

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