My husband and I recently got back from a trip to Solvang, CA, a quaint Danish village north of Santa Barbara.  I had never been there before, but after reading reviews online, and looking at all the cute photos from those who had visited, I was extremely excited to go! The best part about visiting Solvang, was that it was small enough to be able to walk everywhere.  There are around 5-6 main streets (and by main, I mean small and with numerous antique shops and tourist shops everywhere)- and there are also a lot of small mom and pop hotels located within walking distance to the downtown area.  We stayed at Hadsten House, a small bed and breakfast place located at the end of the main street.  It was such a lovely hotel, and it also came with free parking and a free hot breakfast! When we started exploring Solvang we realized we were hungry, so we stopped at this adorable chocolate shop, called Ingeborg’s. What a wonderful assortment of chocolate they had! My mouth started watering before we even set foot in the shop.  I sampled the Walnut truffles and my husband tried the Dark Chocolates.  I also left with a few packages of Salmiakki (the Finnish salty licorice). It was just so exciting to have Salmiakki after such a long time of not having it!!! Other highlights of our time in Solvang include visiting the Christmas shoppe, where is it literally Christmas all year long, and also taking photos with all the major windmills located in the large outdoor square areas. The next time we go to Solvang we hope to be able to attend one of the brew houses or wineries in the area, or sample some of the pastries 🙂 image (1) image (3) image image (8) image (7) image (6) image (5) image (4)

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